Our current projects have the advantage of being treated either as ‘standalone’ or as phases in our larger vision, because some of the outcomes naturally overlap. We have broken them down into phases in the hope that it will be easier to secure funding streams, and that those wishing to contribute to specific elements will be able to do so more easily.

Charles Avison Project


Although Newcastle City Council restored Charles Avison’s gravestone for the Tercentenary celebrations, it has tilted over the years and now requires professional cleaning and restoration in order to remain legible and to be appropriately preserved.

Newcastle City Community Fridge


Although there is currently a local foodbank (which we already support) and a well-established ‘People’s Kitchen’ (providing hot meals and shower facilities) in the city centre for a specific need, this project is a response to the considerable food poverty which has sadly been augmented post-pandemic.

Deaf-Blind Sensory garden and ‘Bee Highway’


There are over 270 species of bee in the UK and many are endangered. This project is our contribution to a city-wide pollinator plan which our unique project will compliment, and a creative contribution to equality, diversity and inclusion.

The Nester Pots "who would you bee?"


This is a project within a project. There will be 12 nester pots in the “Bee Highway” representing each of the 12 Apostles. This aspect will appear as part of the Bee Highway and hopefully present an opportunity to reflect upon the importance and impact of character.