What do we do?

Newcastle City Centre Chaplaincy (NCCC) has a wide reach, offering pastoral and practical support to all faiths and none throughout the city of Newcastle Upon Tyne. We organise starter groups and (prior to Covid19) run or host regular charity events and fundraisers. We are also home to the Northumbria Deaf Mission and enjoy a thriving partnership with Newcastle University music department, together with their Music Society. Our engagement with the city is by invitation and although our team are committed Christians we do not seek to proselytise.


Two of our team have recently completed the training to become accredited Mental Health Champions. Others are registered and trained via Sports Chaplaincy UK, Theatre Chaplaincy UK and St.John’s Ambulance.

What is our Mission?

Through the work of its chaplains and ecumenical support, NCCC seeks to bring together faith and business, retail, local government, education, shoppers, sport, hospitality, entertainment and indeed all city life for the enrichment of the Geordie community.

Where are we?

The NCCC team is based at the oldest place of worship in the heart of the city – St. Andrew’s Church, Newgate Street, NE1 5SS.

What are our values?

Motivated by the Holy Spirit, we try to look after people in an understated and unobtrusive manner. To that end our team upholds the following - Five ‘Canny’ values:

Confidential: Providing a trusted oasis; a safe port of call by permission (i.e. when invited)

Accessible: Being approachable 24/7, easy to find and a positive (Incarnational) presence.During the current pandemic this has manifested differently, although the work gently continues with a lower profile than usual

Nurture: We serve an excellent God and seek to emulate that by offering sustenance and compassion, sometimes as a ‘critical friend’, but never judgemental innature; always encouraging people to become the best that they can be in ourvibrant, diverse and inclusive city.

Nuance: It’s always about God and looking after people with equal concern and respect,rather than our own ego.

Yielding: Being flexible and versatile, adapting to people of all faiths and none. We seekto ‘love our neighbour’ unconditionally, no matter how they may definethemselves.

In summary

The role of a Newcastle City Centre chaplain is shaped by the Gospel imperative to be servant-hearted, striving to be pastorally proactive and spiritually reactive. We are happy to engage with all by permission/invitation, no strings attached, irrespective of position (status), belief or lifestyle.

Revd. Mike Hills, Chaplaincy Team Leader, June 2023