This team has a wide reach. Through the work of our chaplains and ecumenical support we seek to bring together faith and business, retail, local government, education, shoppers, sport, hospitality, entertainment, and all city life for the enrichment of the whole community.

Theatre Chaplaincy UK (TCUK)

We have trained members of TCUK and are part of Newcastle Theatre Royal by invitation.

This includes pastoral care of those who are touring as well as the indigenous theatre community, in and out of season.

Sports Chaplaincy

We have trained members of SCUK and engage with the sporting community to deliver bespoke pastoral care as required.

Chaplaincy to HMS CALLIOPE & RM TYNE (Maritime Reserves)

Our Lead Chaplain regularly provides pastoral care to the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Reserves Unit based on the river Tyne, which draws from a cross-section of society throughout Tyne & Wear.

Newcastle United Football Club

We are within three-minutes walking distance of the iconic St. James’ Park and enjoy a colossal footfall, especially on match days. In partnership with Newcastle United Supporters, our team regularly collects provisions for the local foodbank, and on match days (rain or shine) we collect donations outside the ‘magpie’ stadium with other volunteers.  


One chaplain (2014-present) received grant funding to study British Sign Language (BSL) and is fluent enough (BSL level 2) to engage fully with the Deaf Community. Others in the team are receiving BSL training.

  • We host a monthly (BSL) Holy Communion service.
  • The Deaf Club and craft group has met regularly on NCCC premises for over 40 years for spiritual refreshment, welfare support, deaf cultural events and pastoral care.


  • We geographically sit in ‘Monument Ward’ and host the regular surgery and drop in consultations of the local councilor at this chaplaincy.
  • We are in partnership with the CO-OPERATIVE FUNERAL SERVICE and conduct the majority of ‘contract funerals’ for the city.
  • We also provide pastoral care for those who work within the City Council.
  • We are successfully developing partnerships within the multi-agency Historic Environment Advisory Panel (HEAP) in order to deliver our chaplaincy projects effectively.


Although pastoral care is regularly delivered by invitation to all city centre shops, markets and businesses, John Lewis has agreed to develop this further by inviting us to provide regular and bespoke well-being sessions in store for their staff.


  • As part of CARG (a local initiative to address the need for responsible gambling) we have input into the Casino, Betting Shop, and wider gambling community.
  • In partnership with the local Street Pastors we support this vital ministry to those who become vulnerable during a night out in the city. We are often used as a ‘critical friend’ to those in the hospitality industry.

Education & Tourism

  • We host the concerts and rehearsals of Newcastle University Music Society.
  • Surrounded by an ancient graveyard housing a number of significant industrialists, historic figures, musicians and even ‘witches’, this draws interest from tourists, schools and local historians who then enjoy the oasis of calm found in a 900-year-old building.
  • One of our team is also an experienced and much-loved City Guide.