People come in many forms, with a variety of gifts and display many examples of humanity. Only Jesus was perfect. We try to emulate him as best we can.

The project

This is a project within a project. There will be 12 nester pots in the “Bee Highway”(as part of Project 3) representing each of the 12 Apostles.  This aspect will appear as part of the Bee Highway and hopefully present an opportunity to reflect upon the importance and impact of character.

  1. Andrew‍
  2. (Simon) Peter‍
  3. James - Zebedee‍
  4. John - Zebedee
  5. Philip – the curious‍
  6. Honest Nathaniel (last to be chosen by Jesus himself)‍
  7. Matthew – Levi‍
  8. Thomas – Didymus‍
  9. James & Judas Alphaeus (“sons of thunder”)
  10. Simon – the Zealot‍
  11. Judas – Iscariot

This asks people to firstly decide who they are and secondly what they might become…

Each pot will have a QR code and audio link that offers a synopsis of the corresponding apostle that provides material for personal reflection.

Desired outcome(s)

(i) To provide core teaching about the contribution and characteristics of the first team ministry instigated by Jesus of Nazareth.

(ii) To creatively offer a summary of the key characteristics of the first disciples that will hopefully inspire and encourage subsequent generations to emulate or at least aspire towards emulating in their own values and lives.

(iii) To show that the followers of Christ were ‘real people’ with human failings, and as such there is hope for all of us who seek meaning and purpose.

(iv) Individuals might like to sponsor a specific pot that most represents their current character or perhaps the characters they might like to become…

(v) To keep the 12 Apostles in the foreground of history for hearing, blind and deaf, so that their example is not lost.

(vi) To show that if we understand where we have come from, we are more likely to determine where we currently are, and subsequently decide where we need to “bee”!

(vii) Encourages community ownership and personal growth in an understated way.